Figma Fridays: The Beginning

After finishing my UX Design 2-day bootcamp with General Assembly, I wanted a way to keep trying new things in Figma and a way to keep myself accountable for my progress.

And so Figma Fridays was born!

Each week I will be exploring a new idea, trying out different tools and stages of the user journey, as well as understanding the branding and UI or different companies by trying to mimic them.

Each weekly project does not have to be a whole, final project, just a way of retaining the skills I have already learnt and progressing new ones as I become more familiar with the software.

This week is just an intro and a way of officially starting this project and building the momentum.

Next week I will be showing what I learnt at the UX Design bootcamp, after which I will start the weekly project practice.

I am looking forward to exploring Figma more and to get started on my UX Design journey!

Learning the ropes as a self-taught Junior UX Designer! On a journey to use my skills in Applied Social Psychology to make the digital world accessible to all.